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Hi Lee & Natashia,

A few words of referral if you would like to use them.

If you need to dispose of estate property, please contact Lee & Natashia of Total Estate Sales, LLC. They are very knowledgeable in these matters and most professional in their dealings. They know how to find buyers at good prices.

We were very pleased with the efficiency of the process while, at the same time, being relieved of a great burden during a difficult time.

Best regards,
Buddy and Punkin

I just wanted to say thank you for all yall do. I think yall do a wonderful job. Your guys are always so kind sweet and show they really enjoy what they are doing. Another reason I am writing is I noticed on the site that you are no longer allowing purses, handbags and jackets inside. THANK YOU! I can not tell you how much I am glad to hear this. In the past estates we went to there were a few items that I wanted to purchase that were small and your workers could not find them and they did not show that they were sold. ( we are usually one of the first set of people to come in)I am not saying that someone stole from you, but it did seem kind of odd and I am not going to lie to you some of the people had a look that I would not trust as far as I could throw them. In fact at the estate sale off Harbor View road there was a shaving knife my husband was looking at to get and he turn to get me and it was gone. The gentleman next to him soon after left and said he didn’t see anything he wanted. Even though he was talking to my husband on the rarity of this knife. I am not saying he stole it, but you can not ever be too sure. I am glad yall are asking people to leave this stuff in the car, In fact I personally always did your estate sales were the 1st ones I ever been to that allow them. With the way this world is becoming you can never be too sure. If someone has a problem with this then more then likely they are not the kind of people you wish to have at your estate sales. So I applaud you. I am not going to lie I wish you had done this awhile back. But better late then never. Once again THANKS!

If you ever get cameos or old cameras can you please let me know.

Cathie Young

You all did a fantastic job on the house. I was completely stunned at all that you were able to sell. Anyway, thank you again for all your assistance. Best wishes on your continuing success with your business, it is a real heart warmer to be able to rely on someone else during a sad time like this, and you guys were great.

Thank you, Lee, Natasha, and Sharon.

Cindy Barker
Sherry Barfield

April 29th, 2010, after TES took a month off…

I am…a GREAT fan of your sales and staff. I miss going on Fridays. Are you planning on having more sales soon? I do hope so, they were so interesting. I do hope all of you are in good health and you are just taking a vacation.

You are missed!

I’m very glad to say that our experience with Lee and Natashia was outstanding. They came through for us at a time when we were extremely vulnerable. My mother had just suddenly died and my father was no longer capable of taking care of himself. I live out of state and had very little vacation time left to take care of moving my father into my house, prepare my parents house for sale and manage my parents belongings in a manner that was prudent and not wasteful. We were literally stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I had discussed having the estate sale with another party who came to us unsolicited while we were moving my father out of his house. However, I was not convinced that the house and it belongings would be managed correctly. Our biggest concern was the fact that we could not be there to oversee the sale of the what remained in the house. We were at the mercy of whomever we chose to the job. Our realtor Betty Buford recommend Total Estate Sales and my wife and I gave them a call. We went to their web site and reviewed their other sales, I also did an internet search and found nothing negative about them. I did find a number of listings of other estates that they were managing. This convinced my wife and I enough to enter into a contract agreement with them. The agreement was to sell what could be sold that had been left at the house.

I did what I could to take an inventory of what remained but again was doing the task under duress and at a pace inconsistent with a thorough job. Feeling a little helpless I left the house in an utter mess and the task of cleaning, organizing, labeling, etc. entirely in their hands.

Lee and Natashia quickly proved themselves worthy of the trust we gave them. They identified items that we had overlooked and even found money that we had inadvertently left behind. Aside from that the sales they performed yielded far more than we expected. After the sales were complete that they went above and beyond their contractual duties by cleaning and organizing the house and removing the remaining trash and other items that could not be sold. We were very pleased with the both the quality of their work and level of honesty and integrity they showed while performing the tasks.

With that said I/we gladly endorse Lee and Natashia (Total Estate Sales) for your estate management needs.


Lyles & Julie Cranford
101 Tippecanoe Dr.
Greensburg PA 15601


I am so impressed with what y’all have done! Y’all did a marvelous job with the sale, the van, and now, the bird cage! Wish you could do our whole house, and we could start anew, but our boys, who are not quite old enough to take our valuables yet, would kill us!

Thanks so much, Liz T.