Antiques and Vintage Sale

Sale Location


3147 Stanyarne Drive
Charleston, SC 29414

Sale Hours

Friday September 13th 12:30-3:30pm

Saturday September 14th 11-2pm


This is a 2 sale weekend

Onsite sale Friday and Saturday located on Stanyarne Drive

Direct sale Sunday only located on Morgan Campbell Court 


Sunday September 15th is a direct sale and can be found under our “Direct Sale” link.  Items are available for immediate purchase and to be picked up directly from the home.

Direct Sale Address:

1512 Morgan Campbell Court

Charleston, SC 29407

Direct Sale Times:

Sunday September 15th 11-2pm



  1. All Items are Non-Refundable, please inspect your items carefully.
  2. Buyers are responsible for removal of all purchases.
  3. We accept cash, In-state checks of $20 or more and debit/credit (3% is automatically added to total). Valid SCDL is required.

Sorry, but we can no longer accept split payments with credit/debit transactions.

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