Antiques and Vintage Sale

Sale Location


3147 Stanyarne Drive
Charleston, SC 29414

Sale Hours

Friday September 13th 12:30-3:30pm

Saturday September 14th 11-2pm


This is a 2 sale weekend

Onsite sale Friday and Saturday located on Stanyarne Drive

Direct sale Sunday only located on Morgan Campbell Court 


Sunday September 15th is a direct sale and can be found under our “Direct Sale” link.  Items are available for immediate purchase and to be picked up directly from the home.

Direct Sale Address:

1512 Morgan Campbell Court

Charleston, SC 29407

Direct Sale Times:

Sunday September 15th 11-2pm



  1. All Items are Non-Refundable, please inspect your items carefully.
  2. Buyers are responsible for removal of all purchases.
  3. We are currently accepting cash, credit and debit to make checkout move as quickly as possible with limited staff.  Thank you for your understanding
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